Improve productivity with clean air the right way

A powerful air cleaner can boost employee health, productivity and heating and cooling efficiency. Powrmatic manufacturers a variety of air cleaners designed for different spaces and industries.

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Air Cleaning Equipment

  • Airomax Air Cleaners

    Powrmatic’s family of Airomax Air Cleaners is designed for heavy-duty industrial applications which is self-contained in its cabinet for easy installation, and there is a convenient size to match every job demand

  • Eltron Air Cleaners

    Powrmatic Eltron air cleaners perform air filtration by removing potentially harmful materials—such as chemical mists, dust and other airborne particulates out of the air—out of your work center’s airspace.

  • PowrClean Industrial Air Cleaners

    The Powrmatic PowrClean System is an upright floor mounted air cleaner which utilizes the air turnover principle to eliminate air stratification in buildings with large open spaces.