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Powrmatic’s air-turnover technology lowers your energy consumption which saves you money. The Powrmatic ATU system tempers the constantly recirculated inside air while introducing, if any,  the appropriate amount of outside air. This amounts to HUGE energy savings using Powrmatic Air-Turnover units. This is being accomplished by utilizing high efficiency motors and state of the art propeller fans.

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    How does air turnover heating work?

    Powrmatic ATU’s utilize floor level return air, propeller fans and high efficiency motors to achieve a constant high volume ( low velocity ) of air flow. These units constantly destratify the air within the facilities. This continual destratification of the air will give even, uniform temperatures through out the space. The constant return air on the floor level is what separates other heating systems ( roof mounted, ceiling mounted, limited or NO air flow systems, etc. ) from the Powrmatic ATU’s. all other systems will have temperature stratification ( lost energy ) in the upper levels of their facilities. The stratified heat in many builds could exceed 30 degrees than that of the thermostat setting.  Powrmatic ATU’s utilize all of the energy within the space. In many cases Powrmatic ATU’s have exceeded 70% energy savings over existing equipment.


    Outside air

    The Powrmatic Thermal Economizer ATU’s can have outside air incorporated into the units. this could be for air quality concerns or just code required minimal air. Because the Thermal Economizer system has constant air flow, this means that we provide uninterrupted outside air when required. When the outside air is not required, the dampers are closed and the unit continues to heat the space without the expensive cost of heated outside air. Many systems have NO outside air options so more equipment will have to be installed to meet this demand. Which will have additional up front construction costs.

    Then you have make up air units that use excessive amounts of outside air 24/7/365 and may not meet code outside air requirements due to the fans cycling on and off. Even when the facility has NO demand for outside air ( building unoccupied, limited or no process exhaust, etc. ), building owners are stuck paying for the high cost of heating outside air.

If you compare these MAU systems excessive costs of operation against the Powrmatic Thermal economizer’s savings over their 30 year heat exchanger warranty, the savings will be staggering.

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    How does air turnover cooling work?

    Powrmatic Thermal Economizer ATU’S can be manufactured with DX or Chilled Water coils. Our ATU  cooling units utilize high performance propeller fans and high efficiency motors. This low horsepower, high volume constant of air flow gives us HUGE benefits. When compared to conventional air conditioning equipment the Thermal economizer ATU’s use a least 50 % less fan horsepower. This means big operational and installation cost reductions. Since these units are manufactured to sizes that can exceed 200 tons of cooling per unit, this means less equipment per space. In many cases there could be an 8 to 1 difference in the amount of units. also, our ATU’S are mounted on the floor level. No added costs to support roof weight.  Lowest possible operation costs, less equipment, even temperatures and less installation costs!


There is only one choice.

Powrmatic ATU’s bring down the entire installation price versus conventional heating / cooling units. Powrmatic ATU’s use less energy than any other heating and/or cooling system.Due to less equipment mounted at ground level, the maintenance costs on the Powrmatic Thermal Economizers units will be far less than other equipment.

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