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To calculate your true energy savings there are three categories that have to be evaluated. They are utility costs, installation costs and maintenance costs. For example, some systems may have excellent energy savings but the installation cost are very high. Other systems may require extensive maintenance costs that will impact your true energy savings. Then you have to evaluate the amount of actual energy savings. The combination of these three categories will determine your payback. The Powrmatic Inc Thermal Economizer system has all three categories covered!

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    Where can I save energy?


    • Equipment efficiency
    • Building conditions / insulation
    • Controlling outside air

    First we must understand your building needs and operations. Then your building conditions and insulation values need to be evaluated. Holes need to be fixed, insulation needs to be patched or upgraded, dock doors and seals need to be repaired or replaced, etc. next the outside air requirements need to be evaluated. In many cases we have seen excessive amounts of exhaust being used unnecessarily. Once these evaluations are complete, the precise equipment can be selected to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption.

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    Lower Utility Bills

    Powrmatic Inc’s ATU’s utilize all of the energy within your space. In many cases, Powrmatic ATU’s have exceeded 70% energy savings on heating projects and over 50% savings on air conditioning projects.

    Powrmatic Inc utilization of high-efficiency motors and state of the art propeller fans is the key to our efficiency! Once our design team evaluates and selects the appropriate equipment for your facility, you can be assured that you will receive the lowest possible fuel costs.

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    Less Installation Costs

    Powrmatic ATU’s can heat a up to 250,000 square feet with just the one unit. This means less costs on everything!

    250,000 square feet per unit may be excessive on units per square foot but it is easy to see that the thermal economizers have less equipment per square foot than other means of heating. These units are floor mounted, bring the outside air in through the bottom of the unit and have power exhaust ( sidewall venting ). This means fewer units, less gas pipe, less equipment, no roof load and less vent pipe. This also means that the thermal economizer system meets all codes. Match this with factory start-up ( included ) and the best warranty in the industry and you have a flawless cost-effective heating system.

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    Less Maintenance costs

    Maintenance costs are a breeze. Instead of carrying tools and equipment on to the roof to service many units, a limited amount of ATU’s can be serviced on the ground level.

    Our equipment is mounted on the ground level. We also include factory start-up and the best warranty in the industry. All of this adds up to the lowest possible maintenance costs. You can be assured of decades of reliable use.

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The Powrmatic ATU’s have many installation advantages over conventional heating and cooling units. The Powrmatic Thermal Economizer systems will have no added structure costs, no roof penetrations, less equipment, less gas piping, and less electrical.

Reduce energy bills

Save your business between 50 and 70% on heating and cooling.

Less equipment

Significantly save on installation costs compared to multiple unit installations

Less gas piping

Less units, results in less expensive gas piping around the building saving time and money

Less electrical connections and costs

Reduce the amount of electrical points due to one system being installed.

Less building penetrations

With one system there are a reduced number of building penetrations throughout.

No roof weight or penetrations

Floor mounting and horizontal flue options requires no roof weight or roof outlets.

No ductwork required

Installation costs are reduced as no additional duct distribution system is needed.

Increase comfort with even building temperatures

Give staff even and comfortable temperatures to keep them happy and productive.

Heat exchanger warranty

Our heat exchangers never rust. That’s because they’re made from high-grade stainless steel as standard. Built to last.

Is your heating system an energy hog?

What did we do?

We ran a fuel comparison on two warehouse facilities in the same town in North Georgia with identical construction and the same operational hours during the same heating season. Both maintained 65° F with no temperature setback or process exhaust but both have at least the code required outside air.


    How did we do it?

    The only difference between these two facilities was the SQ.FT and that one was heated with a Powrmatic Inc Air-Turnover Unit (ATU) and the other a high temperature, low CFM direct fired makeup air unit (MAU). Here is how a Thermal Economizer provides even temperature distribution.


    The Result

    As you can see from the graph the Powrmatic Air-Turnover unit uses far less
    fuel. The facility with the Powrmatic Inc ATU system operated at a seasonal cost of $0.14 per square foot. The MAU System operated at a seasonal cost of $0.35 per square foot. The MAU system used over 2½ times more natural gas per square foot to operate.



    MAU systems use 100% outside air! In most cases, a typical MAU system uses at least twice as much as the code-required amount of outside air. This means MAU systems require more BTU’s in heating equipment to satisfy the space conditions.

    When unoccupied setback temperatures can be utilized, the ATU system will reduce the thermostat set point and shut off the introduction of outside air until the space is occupied once again. The MAU system can reduce the temperature set point, but still uses outside air to heat the space during unoccupied times. This is what you call a true energy hog. Always remember, MAU systems always cost more to operate.

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