Eltron Air Cleaners

Powrmatic Eltron air cleaners perform air filtration by removing potentially harmful materials—such as chemical mists, dust and other airborne particulates out of the air—out of your work center’s airspace.

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    Electrostatic Precipitators, Leaders in Clean Air

    The Powrmatic Eltron is suitable for a wide range of large industrial air cleaning:

    • Autobody Shops
    • Welding Shops
    • Manufacturing Facilities (where airborne particulates need to be filtered
    • Any Dusty Wnvironment
    • Repair & Service Shops
    • Distribution Centers with dusty environments
    • Machine Shops With Oil Mist
    • Waste Water Treatment Plants
    • Custom applications


    Eltron EIB Precipitators

    The Eltron series EIB Plant Precipitators are designed to clean airborne pollutants of microscopic size (.03 microns at 95%+) from indoor contaminated air. There are ten basic sizes, ranging in capacity from 800 CFM to 20,000 CFM. The EIB models are used in cleaning general ventilation or source capture of smoke, dust and oil mist plus many other atmospheric irritants. These powerful two-stage Electrostatic Precipitators can be combined with industrial duty odor-removing charcoal modules to further expand their application. EIB models offer an expanded option of tandem pass collectors or double ionizing sections to deliver high-efficiency results in difficult situations.



    Eltron Smoke Stopper

    Available in a single pass and double-pass configuration, the Eltron Smoke Stopper can be positioned for the most efficient source capture of oil mist and grinding dust. It also removes welding smoke from large welding rods and large flex core wire as well as burning smoke from arc air, and is specified for wherever there is a high density of particulate.


Don’t Exhaust Profits! Air quality affects nearly every phase of plant operation, from employee health and morale to energy expenditures. By effectively controlling in-plant air pollution, the Powrmatic Eltron System can offer many benefits.

Your Solution To Air Pollution

Greatly improves air quality and working conditions

Ultra-high efficiency

Airomax filters remove particles with up to 99% efficiency

Powrmatic Eltron in numbers

% Energy Saving
% air pollutants removed

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