Airomax Air Cleaners

Powrmatic’s family of Airomax Air Cleaners is designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. The Airomax blower is self-contained in its cabinet for easy installation, and there is a convenient size to match every job demand.

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    Be Clean. Be Healthly

    Durability, dependability and flexibility allow these Airomax models to be applied for the removal of air contamination through source capture or general ventilation.

    • Welding Shops
    • Autobody Shops
    • Manufacturing
    • Any dusty environment


    CFM Capacities

    CFM capacities range from a low of 750 CFM on our Series 11 to a high of 3600 CFM for the Series 36 models. The Series 25 enjoys immense popularity because of its 1000 CFM to 2500 CFM median range capacity.



    Simplicity Of Installation

    Durability, dependability and flexibility allow these Airomax models to be applied for the removal of air contamination through source capture or general ventilation. If your plant atmosphere has any of the following air pollution problems, then look to Series 11, 25 or 36 as a solution: Welding fume/smoke, oil mist/smoke, grinding dust, bondo dust, printing offset powder, woodworking and furniture finishing dust. We also offer odor removal through optional charcoal modules.



    High-Efficiency Media

    Various combinations of high-efficiency media and odor removal modules assure the properly engineered equipment to capture contamination in the air, beginning with one washable "Airolast" pre-filter through the 65% or 95% bag filters and the ultra-high efficiency 99% HEPA filter. The most technologically advanced filter materials assure long life and dependability.



    Roll-O-Max 25 and 30 (MEDIA)

    When your source of pollution isn't always in the same place, your solution must be portable. This 95%-plus efficient mobile air cleaner features a flexible pick-up arm, which can be positioned for the most efficient source capture of welding smoke, oil and chemical mist and other pollutants before they can interfere with worker performance. The RM-30 air cleaner offers a two-arm option.


Don’t Exhaust Profits! Air quality affects nearly every phase of plant operation, from employee health and morale to energy expenditures. By effectively controlling in-plant air pollution, the Powrmatic Airomax System can offer many benefits.

Reduce Costs

Airomax saves on heating and air conditioning costs by reducing the need to exhaust by up to 90%

Improve Morale & Productivity

Workers stay comfortable as AIROMAX's unique air-circulating system keeps warm air evenly distributed throughout your shop

Protect People, Property & Profits

Greatly improves air quality and working conditions

minimizes maintenance

Airomax’s three-stage filtration system maximizes air filtration and minimizes maintenance

Ultra-high efficiency

Airomax filters remove particles with up to 99% efficiency

No Ductwork

Airomax air cleaners are easy to install and require no ductwork or special wiring

The Powrmatic Airomax in numbers

% energy saving
% air pollutants removed

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