Pharmaceutical Storage Cooling & Heating Systems

Pharmaceutical storage heating and cooling are hugely important for any warehouses stocking pharmaceutical goods. The product needs to be kept within a specific temperature range to avoid any decline in product quality and effectiveness. Extreme temperatures within your storage facility can cause many issues.

Powrmatic builds custom pharmaceutical storage heating and cooling equipment to ensure your products stay safe. Powrmatic’s ATU’s provide the ultimate heating and cooling solution in both new and retrofit facilities. if you’re looking for even temperatures the Powrmatic ATU’s are exactly what you’re looking for.

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    Advantages of Powrmatic Pharmaceutical Heating & Cooling Systems

    There’s a reason why Powrmatic has a renowned coast-to-coast reputation for excellence. We’ve earned it.

    Powrmatic’s ATU’s control and maintains even temperatures by constantly destratifying the air throughout the entire facility. Not only does re-circulating the inside air give you even temperatures but this also gives huge saving on energy bills. Now throw in the Powrmatic 30/5/2 warranty and you have the ultimate system to heat and cool your pharmaceutical storage facility.


    Why Choose Powrmatic For Your Pharmaceutical Heating & Cooling System?

    One Solution. Engineered to last. Built in the USA.


    • Custom HVAC pharmaceutical storage cooling systems to accommodate your facilities needs
    • Ability to manufacture replacement systems from other manufacturers
    • 80+ Years of HVAC experience
    • Lowest possible installation costs
    • Lowest possible energy usage
    • Backed up with the best warranty in the business
    • Built in the USA
    • DX or chilled water


Whether you’re an engineer, mechanical contractor, general contractor, end user or architect, Powrmatic can assist you in every stage of your Pharmaceutical Storage Heating & Cooling project throughout the USA ensuring you are expertly guided through the whole process.

Benefits of Powmatic Pharmaceutical Storage Heating & Cooling Systems

Our range of in-direct fired Thermal Economizer Air Turnover cooling units are designed for high efficiency so that heating large warehouse areas can be cost-effective for your company and help maximize your operating efficiency.

Reduce energy bills

Save your business between 50 and 70% on heating and cooling.

Less equipment

Significantly save on installation costs compared to multiple unit installations.

Less gas piping

Less units, results in less expensive gas piping around the building saving time and money.

Less electrical and connections and cost

Reduce the amount of electrical points due to one system being installed.

Less building penetrations

With one system there are a reduced number of building penetrations throughout.

No roof weight or penetrations

Floor mounting and horizontal flue options requires no roof weight or roof outlets.

No ductwork required

Installation costs are redcued as no additional duct distribution system is needed.

Increase comfort with even building temperatures

Give staff even and comfortable temperatures to keep them happy and productive.

Heat exchanger warranty

Our heat exchangers never rust. That’s because they’re made from high-grade stainless steel as standard. Built to last.

Our Pharmaceutical Storage Facility Heating & Cooling Systems

  • Cooling Air Turnover Unit

    Thermal Economizer Cooling Air Turnover Unit

    Powrmatic Thermal Economizer ATU’S can be manufactured with DX or Chilled Water coils. Our ATU cooling units utilize high-performance propeller fans and high-efficiency motors which result in massive savings.

  • Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit

    Powrmatic’s Thermal Economizer (TE) employs advanced engineering for high airflow and is especially ideal for large warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

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