Distribution Center Heating

Georgia distribution centre heating saves $100,000 in one year

A leading apparel distribution center in GA has reduced their natural gas consumption during the heating season by eliminating their 100% outside air direct-fired make-up air heating units and replacing them with Powrmatic’s Thermal Economizer Air Turn Over Units (ATU’s). In the first year of operation with the ATU’s, in this 530,000 SQ.FT. the distribution center saved $100,000.

  • LocationFlowery Branch, GA
  • Size 530,000 SQ.FT
  • ProductThermal Economizer

“MAU systems use 100% outside air! in most cases, a typical MAU system uses at least twice as much as the code-required amount of outside air. This means MAU systems require more BTU’s in heating equipment to satisfy the space conditions. The decision was simple for our client.”

Bob Ramsey, VP Sales - Powrmatic

Project Background

This facility went from using 19,016 MCF of natural gas with the direct fired system to 8,645 MCF with the Powrmatic ATU’s. The direct-fired system used a whopping 61,000 CFM of outside air, compared to the Powrmatic ATU’s which reduced the CFM outside air by almost 50% to 32,000. Both systems maintained a space temperature of temperature of 65 ̊F.

Project Solution

While the building is occupied the ATU’s provide the code-required amount of outside air, and when the building is unoccupied, the thermostat setting is reduced, and the outside air damper is closed (achieving the lowest possible fuel cost while maintaining the highest level of air quality). The direct-fired system is handicapped by the nature of the equipment and has to use expensive outside air 24/7.

Project Result

Even with these massive differences in unit capacities and operational costs, their gas bills would have been higher if the direct fired system met the minimum outside air code while the building is occupied. Due to the units cycling on and off, they cannot meet the minimum ventilation code. This lapse in the clean air ventilation code prevented their already high gas bills from being even higher.

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