Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit

Powrmatic heating ATU’s utilize floor level return air, propeller fans and high-efficiency motors to achieve a constant high volume (low velocity) of airflow. These units constantly destratify the air within the facilities. This continual destratification of the air will give even, uniform temperatures throughout the space.

The constant return air on the floor level is what separates other heating systems ( roof-mounted, ceiling-mounted, limited or NO airflow systems, etc.) from the Powrmatic ATU’s. all other systems will have temperature stratification ( lost energy ) in the upper levels of their facilities. The stratified heat in many buildings could exceed 30 degrees than that of the thermostat setting.  Powrmatic ATU’s utilize all of the energy within the space. In many cases, Powrmatic ATU’s have exceeded 70% energy savings over existing equipment.

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    If you have heating requirements, Powrmatic will have you covered.

    The heating Thermal Economizer is perfect for:

    • Warehouses
    • Distribution Centers
    • Dry Good Storage
    • Pharmaceutical Storage
    • Aircraft Hangars
    • Athletic Facilities
    • Steel Storage
    • Manufacturing Facilties


    Conditioning the air with perfection

    The TE units attain this high airflow by utilizing propeller – type fans, which operate at greatly reduced horsepower as compared to conventional centrifugal-type blowers. Conditioned air is distributed with a uniformity that cannot be achieved by conventional HVAC equipment.



    One Solution. Built in the USA. Engineered to last.

    The Powrmatic Thermal Economizer units are custom built in the USA. Every unit is custom designed for each individual application to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.



    Stainless steel heat exchanger built to last

    The entire Heat Exchanger surface is manufactured from 400 series stainless steel - both primary and secondary. See our 2-5-30 warranty. Heat Exchangers are available in other materials on specified and or customized basis. This may have an effect on the warranty. Contact the factory for the specific requirements.



    FORMEX® cabinet frame built to last

    Heavy-gauge steel with heat and corrosion-resistant enamel paint. All framework is channelled and roll-formed. Along with welded corners, this makes for an exceptionally strong unit. The Powrmatic Thermal Economizer is the only ATU manufactured that uses FORMEX® framing system that enables the removal of virtually all of the panels of the unit. This makes the Powrmatic ATU the most serviceable unit manufactured! Fewer units on the ground level equals less dollars spent on service.



    Burner options

    High-efficiency UL approved gas burners are available for natural gas and LP gas High-efficiency UL approved oil burners are available for #1 or #2 fuel oils. Combination UL approved gas/oil burners are available for dual fuel operation.



    Reduced horsepower fans

    Propeller type fans for reduced horsepower saves you dollars on upfront costs and on operational costs. These fan blades are of heavy-duty 10 gauge steel construction. All bearings are of pillow block design. The connecting shaft is fabricated of cold-rolled steel, and is turned, ground and polished.



    Ready for onsite installation

    All sections are pre-assembled and palletized for shipping. Each section is internally pre – wired and ready for a quick installation. The palletized sections are 8’ or less to assure a safe delivery in a sealed trailer.


The Powrmatic Air Turnover Units are packed full of benefits which saves your customer serious buck from day one. Backed up with most extensive warranty in the business, you know our products are engineered to last, giving you the peace of mind in choosing Powrmatic as your heating and cooling specialists.

Reduce energy bills

Save your business between 50 and 70% on heating and cooling costs

Less equipment

Significantly save on installation costs compared to multiple unit installations

Less gas piping

Less units, results in less gas piping around the building saving time and money

Less electrical connections

Reduced electrical connections and reduced horsepower.

Less building penetrations

Less equipment equals less penetrations

No roof weight or penetrations

Floor mounting and horziontal flue options requires no roof weight or roof penetrations

No ductwork required

Installation costs are redcued as no additional duct distribution system is needed

Increase comfort with even building temperatures

Give staff even and comfortable temperatures to keep them happy and productive

Heat exchanger warranty

Our heat exchangers never rust. That’s because they’re made from high-grade stainless steel as standard. Built to last

Thermal Economizer Heating ATU in numbers

SQ.FT of Heating With One Unit
Million BTU's of Heating Power
CFM per unit

Case Studies

Our custom heating and cooling solutions have been installed throughtout the USA in a wide range of buildings. Check out the case studies to see how we helped our customers.


North Carolina State University Indoor Practice Facility Heating

Read Case Study


Wake Forest University Football Field Heating & Cooling

Read Case Study


Indoor Atheltic Facility Heating & Cooling

Read Case Study


  • Tractor Manufacturer
    Location: Wendell, NC
    Size: 165,000 SQ. FT.
    Installed: 2 x TE-61 / 3,000 MBH Input
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit
    Chocolate Storage
    Location: Carlisle, PA
    Size: 450,000 SQ. FT.
    Installed: 9 x TE-41HC / 70 Tons chilled water
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit
    Furniture Warehouse
    Location: Rocky mount, VA
    Size: 150,000 SQ. FT.
    Installed: TE-61S / 4125 MBH Input
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit
    Apparel Manufacturer
    Location: York, PA
    Size: 35,000 SQ. FT.
    Installed: 2 x TE-41HC @ 80 Tons DX
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit
  • NFL Practice facility
    Location: Flowery Branch, GA
    Size: 85,000 SQ. FT.
    Installed: 2 TE-41HC @ 100 Tons DX
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit
    Airforce Base
    Location: Dover, DE
    Size: 100,000 SQ. FT
    Installed: TE-61S / 4125 MBH Input
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit
    Military Storage Facility
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Size: 15,000 SQ. FT.
    Installed: TE-11HC / 20 Tons DX Economizer
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit
    Automated Storage Facility
    Location: Dayton, OH
    Size: 50,000 SQ. FT.
    Installed: TE-51HC / 120 Tons DX / 2187 MBH Input
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit
  • Siding Manufacturer
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Size: 165,000 SQ. FT.
    Installed: TE-61S / 5,000 MBH Input
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit
    Machine Shop
    Location: Murfreesboro, TN
    Size: 65,000 SQ. FT.
    Installed: TE-51HC / 120 Ton DX / 2187 MBH Input
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit
    Auto Parts Distribution Center
    Location: Nashville, TN
    Size: 450,000 SQ.FT
    Installed: 3 x TE-61S / 4125 MBH Input
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit
    Amish Market
    Location: Hanover, PA
    Size: TE-41HC
    Installed: TE-41HC / 100 Tons DX / 2187 MBH Input
    Product: Thermal Economizer Heating Air Turnover Unit

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