GA Gas Direct Fired Make-up Air Heaters

Powrmatic GA Gas Direct Fired Make-up Air Heaters brings in 100% outside air heaters. They burn natural or propane gases directly in the circulating air stream. Since these units are designed to be used as make-up air heaters, a source of fresh air must be made available for the inlet of the heaters. Powrmatic’s advanced design engineering assures that the simplest possible installation is teamed with minimal maintenance and unparalleled performance. Make-up air is outside air tempered and introduced into a building to eliminate negative pressure and provide a positive operating pressure within a facility.

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    The GA Series can be installed into a host of different types.

    The Powrmatic GA gas direct fired make-up air heaters is perfect for:

    • Welding Shops
    • Restaurants
    • Manufacturing Facilities With Exhaust Problems
    • Auto Body Paint Shops
    • Any Buildings With Negative Pressure
    • Pharmaceuticals


    Advanced design

    Powrmatic’s advanced design engineering assures that the simplest possible installation is teamed with minimal maintenance, unexcelled performance and lowest-cost operation. Each unit is completely factory assembled and ready for trouble-free installation.



    Complete & ready for install

    The Powrmatic GA series direct-fired make-up air units are completely factory assembled, flame tested, pre-wired, and factory tested.



    Floor mounted options

    The GA Direct-Fired Gas Heaters can be manufactured and installed for floor mounting making it even easier for maintainance and operation.


Our GA gas direct-fired heaters have unitized construction with enamelled-painted steel or galvanized casing. Units can be built in any configuration and can be ordered as an indoor unit or as a weatherproof outdoor unit. With the proper Powrmatic accessories, GA units can be utilized as door heaters or make-up air units in nearly any conceivable application, meeting all insurance and municipal codes.

30 year warranty

We have an impressive 30 year warranty & performance guarantee on all our products.

Save energy & money

Powrmatic products can reduce your building energy costs by 70% over time.

No ductwork

No ductwork means it will save you time and money on installation.

Less equipment

Significantly save on installation costs compared to multiple unit installations.

Less gas piping

Less units, results in less expensive gas piping around the building saving time and money.

Less building penetrations

With one system there are a reduced number of building penetrations throughout.

GA Gas Direct Fired Make-up Air Heaters in numbers

CFM Capacity
Million BTU Heating Power
% Outside Air

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