Indoor Atheltic Facility Heating & Cooling

Indoor Atheltic Facility Nashville, TN

Located near Nashville, TN, an all-new multipurpose university facility measuring 110,00 square feet square required the space to be heated and cooled with two Powrmatic TE-41HC air-turnover units. The heating and cooling air-turnover units measured 36 feet tall delivering an impressive 232 tons of cooling.

  • LocationNashville, TN
  • Size110,00 SQ.FT
  • Product2 x Thermal Economizer 41HC ATU

“Powrmatic ATU’s bring down the entire installation price versus conventional heating/cooling units: They use less energy than any other heating and/or cooling system. Due to less equipment mounted at ground level, the maintenance costs on the Powrmatic Thermal Economizers units will be far less than other equipment.”

Bob Ramsey, VP Sales - Powrmatic

Project Background

Powrmatic has conditioned many athletic facilities throughout the United States with our Thermal Economizer units. These facilities range in size from small to large and serve various sports at many different levels. Our projects range from local recreation centers up through NCAA Division I and professional sports.

Project Solution

The two TE-41HC are capable of delivering 116 tons of cooling per unit. Each unit was externally installed and disguised into the building fabric to save valuable indoor space. These units required no ductwork, and no added weight to the roof which saved the customer a serious amount of money. With only two units installed, there was a massive reduction in electrical points, building/roof penetrations, controls and overall costs.

Project Result

Powrmatic was brought in on the project to alleviate extensive construction costs associated with conventional cooling units. While reducing the equipment installation cost on this project, Powrmatic also reduced all of the facilities utility costs.

The project in numbers

SQ.FT building
Thermal Economizer 41HC ATU
Tons chilled water per unit
Natural Gas

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