Indoor Sporting Facility Heating & Cooling

Located near Lancaster, PA, Spooky Nook Sports is the largest indoor sporting facility in the U.S. At 700,000 square feet, it is the Mount Everest of indoor sports facilities. The main facility is roughly 500,000 square feet and the majority of this space is heated and cooled with five Powrmatic TE-51HC air-turnover units.

  • LocationLancaster, PA
  • Size500,000 SQ.FT
  • ProductThermal Economizer 51HC ATU

“The Powrmatic Thermal Economizer is the only ATU manufactured that uses FORMEX framing system that enables the removal of virtually all of the units panels. This makes the Powrmatic ATU the most serviceable unit manufactured! Less units on the ground level equals less dollars spent on service.”

Bob Ramsey, VP Sales - Powrmatic

Project Background

Powrmatic has conditioned many athletic facilities throughout the United States with our Thermal Economizer units. These facilities range in size from small to large and serve various sports at many different levels. Our projects range from local recreation centers up through NCAA Division I and professional sports.

Project Solution

Temperatures were recorded throughout this facility on high and low-temperature design days. The summer set point is 75˚F and the winter set point is 66˚F. On an extreme summer design day of 95˚F external temperature, the space temperature never varied more than two degrees anywhere in the facility. The same also proved to be true on a winter design day with an external temperature of 14˚F. All temperatures were recorded at 6’ above finished floor (AFF). Temperatures were also recorded on second level workout mezzanine which is at 16’ AFF. Remarkably, the temperatures recorded on the mezzanine were as even as the temperatures recorded on the ground level.

Project Result

The heating & cooling indoor sporting facility system manufactured by Powrmatic gave the center huge savings from the day it was installed. The 500,000 SQ.FT building now maintains even building temperatures which condition the air to the client’s requirements. While our competitors make customer facilities conform to their products, we engineer our products specifically for your facilities. Once a Powrmatic product is installed, we’ll be there to check to make sure everything is perfect. We’ll even click the “on” switch for the very first time. In other words, we’re right there with you from start to finish.

The project in numbers

SQ.FT building
Thermal Economizer 51HC ATU
Heat exchanger warranty

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