From coast to coast, Powrmatic is exceeding customer expectations with superior service and superior products. Here’s what people are saying about us:

When constructing our fourth warehouse, there was no question which furnace we would purchase, a Powrmatic TE-11. Having used the TE-11 model for over 20 years, we are extremely pleased with the efficiency and performance of the units. Even temperatures and low maintenance have made them reliable and essentially problem free.
- WV manufacturer

My company has worked closely with Powrmatic over the last 10 years. They have been able to provide turnkey design-build solutions to our unique environments that have consistently met our needs. Additionally, they have partnered with us to trouble shoot any issues and resolved them quickly and effectively. We appreciate the partnership and look forward to a continued relationship with Powrmatic.
- National records storage company

We installed your powrmatic units in a plant in Troy. The area is approximately 100,000 square feet of production area. We installed the system just to de-humidify the area but the area is cool through-out. During the middle of the summer with one powrmatic air-handling unit and a de-stratifier unit, the entire 100,000 square feet is very comfortable through- out the building with no duct work in the building. There are no hot and cold spots in the entire area. I will be using powrmatic for all of these types of applications. It is an excellent product and I would recommend it to all.
- AL mechanical contractor

I have worked on and off with Powrmatic since 1999 and have applied their equipment in many facilities. In the beginning I was apprehensive to have Powrmatic so heavily involved in the selection and placement of their equipment. As an engineer, I like to feel that my designs should be my own. Powrmatic, however, has the benefit of building and installing air rotation equipment in more facilities than I could ever dream of. We have installed their equipment to heat and cool spaces like warehouses, factories, indoor tennis courts, and cruise ship terminals. Once in the last 20 years did I get a call from an owner that questioned the operation of their equipment. Powrmatic was on site within the week and quickly identified the problem, which by the way was not part of their installation. They stand behind their equipment and can be counted on. When it comes to heating and cooling a large space, they are the only ones I call.
- GA engineer

I have worked with Powrmatic for the past 20 years specifying their equipment over a wide range of projects. I have always been pleased with their equipment and in fact, the building owners for which I specified their equipment, has had high praise for the operation of the equipment in both comfort and the cost of operation. I only work with Powrmatic because they provide such a high level of expertise on applying their equipment which no other competitor can provide. The quality of their equipment is by far the best in the business with the best warranties.
- TN engineer

I have worked with Powrmatic for 13 years and have had nothing but great experiences with them. One of the main reasons I choose Powrmatic is that they guarantee their products 100%. And they are very active in the design process so no surprises come in late in the projects. Of all of the projects where Powrmatic and I have teamed up, going back to 1998, I have not had one instance of a customer complaint about their products.

The quality of Powrmatic’s products are second-to-none. Their Thermal Economizers are very well built and are extremely easy to install. The substantial amount of money saved on installation versus traditional ducted air handlers always raises clients’ interest.

I will always turn to Powrmatic when my projects call for their products because I know they will stand behind their equipment, just like they always have done.
- AL Engineer