save-energyWhen you choose Powrmatic, you’re choosing one of the original power-savers. Powrmatic was “green” before the term was even coined. We’ve always believed in manufacturing the very best, most energy-efficient products that can shave up to a whopping 70% off your energy bills.

Every Powrmatic job starts with a site visit and energy analysis. We review your current energy usage, and make product recommendations that can save your business between 50 and 70% on heating and up to 50% on cooling.


Discover how Powrmatic’s energy-efficient heating, cooling and air-cleaning products can help reduce your costs to increase your bottom line profits.

Here is just a sampling of how Powrmatic can lower your energy costs:

  • The Powrmatic Thermal Economizer (TE) not only prevents air from settling into stratified layers, but its propeller fans operate at greatly reduced horsepower (compared to conventional centrifugal blowers), leading to significantly reduced energy costs.
  • The Powrmatic CIRC-AIR heater is 50-70% more efficient than other heating equipment by circulating already-heated air.
  • Powrmatic’s PowrClean System air cleaner reduces the need for outside air, and provides a more uniform room temperature by recirculating heated and/or cooled air, significantly reducing energy usage.


Gordonsville, Tennessee-based Dana Corporation, a 70,000 sq. ft. auto parts manufacturing plant, cut heating costs by over 50% with a Powrmatic Thermal Economizer (TE) that replaced an aging heating system. Since the company was experiencing reduced productivity in the summer months because of excessive heat and humidity, Dana Corporation management decided to add a TE cooling system. This was done without increasing electrical cost.


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There are many factors that can affect energy consumption:

Building height, outside air requirements, equipment location and much more. The largest cause of energy loss, however, is a poorly designed HVAC system and misapplication of equipment. That’s why Powrmatic is so unique. Our engineers will design a heating and/or cooling system specifically for your facility to assure peak energy savings and maximum efficiency.

Each Powrmatic system is designed for a specific application. When installed correctly, using manufacturer recommendations, will achieve its highest expected operating efficiencies.

Powrmatic’s Thermal Economizer (TE) system is specifically designed to heat and/or cool large spaces. When installed with our recommendations, it will use less energy than any other system. Constant floor-level return air is the best way to achieve this. (Without constant return-air on the floor, the higher the equipment is mounted, the lower the energy efficiencies.)

Outside air is a main source of wasted energy because it is very costly to condition. Many common systems don’t comply with standard ventilation codes and some go too far. Powrmatic’s TE system introduces the correct amount of outside air during a facility’s occupied times and then eliminates it during set-back or unoccupied times. This elimination of unnecessary outside air saves energy and increases indoor comfort.



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