Which Powrmatic product is right for my business?

Powrmatic manufacturers a diverse selection of premium heating, cooling and air-cleaning products. Each is suited to different industrial and commercial environments. Select a market below to see which product is right for your business.


Typical heating and cooling applications

Manufacturing Centers
Plastic Manufacturer in Atlanta, GA
50,000 Square Feet | 210 Ton Chilled Water | Electric Heat

Warehouse in MD
15,000 Square Feet | CIRC-AIR® | 400 MBH

Military Storage Facility in Atlanta, GA
15,000 Square Feet | 20Tons DX | Electric Heat | Retrofit

Medical Records Storage Facility in Eastern, PA
TE-21 | 875 MBH

Large Distribution Centers
Clothing Distribution Center in Nashville, TN
300,000 Square Feet | 4 –180 Tons DX | 3,375 MBH | New Construction

Food Distribution Center in San Antonio, TX
47 Feet Tall | 200 Tons DX | 2,187 MBH Heat

Clothing Distribution Center in NE
220,000 Square Feet | 350 Tons DX | Gas Heat | Full Economizers

Smaller Distribution Centers
Auto Parts Manufacturer in Western TN
160 Ton DX | Weatherproof

Auto Parts Distribution Center in Central TN
Robotic Facility (No Employees)
20,000 Square Feet | 100 Feet Tall | 1,250 MBH | Weatherproof | Freeze Protection

Auto Repair Shops

Leased Tenant Buildings

Athletic Centers (Indoor Football Fields, Tennis Centers, Indoor Soccer & Batting Cages)
Indoor Tennis Center in Atlanta, GA
60 Tons Chilled Water & Hot Water | Retrofit

Food Processing Facilities

Welding Shops
Metal Building Manufacturing Facility in Bristol, TN
200,000 Square Feet | 2 - 4,000 MBH Heating Units | Weatherproof

Automobile Body Shops


Aircraft Hangers
Aircraft Hanger in MD
4,100 MBH


Air Cleaning Applications

Large Industrial
Plastic Molding Facility in Troy, AL
50,000 Square Feet | 220 Ton Chilled Water

Particulate control (chemical mist, dust, welding fumes, smoke, asbestos)


Industrial/Commercial Heating

Powrmatic offers a variety of customized, energy-saving industrial 200,000 to 4,000,000 BTU heating systems that improve employee comfort and your bottom line.
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Air Cleaners

Improve employee productivity, health and energy efficiency with one of Powrmatic’s outstanding air cleaning units.
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Powrmatic’s flagship Thermal Economizer (TE) cools large enclosed areas with 15 to 200 tons.
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Custom Products

Most of Powrmatic’s heating, cooling and air cleaning devices can be specially engineered and customized to fit your facility’s needs.
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