Our History

Powrmatic’s modest beginnings are rooted in the dreams of a young man that left his native Europe in the early 20th century to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams in America. That young man was B.I.J. Stamm, who struggled through the Great Depression, eventually founding New York City’s Oil Heat Utilities, which sold high-pressure steam boilers to the garment industry.

That small company gave birth to a pioneering worldwide oil burner manufacturing business that today is the expanded Stamm International Corporation, parent company of Powrmatic and one of the world’s leading industrial and commercial suppliers of gas, oil and combined gas/oil heating products.

Powrmatic’s plant in Finksburg, Maryland (the only Powrmatic facility in the U.S.; additional plants are in England, Ireland and Canada), occupies 65,000 square feet of manufacturing space just 30 miles northwest of Baltimore. Powrmatic management, engineers and administrators sit just steps away from the bustling plant floor. A surprising number of employees have spent decades—up to 40-plus years—with the company.

Why? Because Powrmatic treats its employees the way it treats its customers: With respect, integrity and a commitment to getting things right.


Powrmatic showroom in 1961.